First page
The first page is the most important. Here we have 3 seconds to let user understand that we can really help.
First page
We made it look clean
First page
We show location and proof our quality fully already on the first page
First page
By analyzing our competitors and keywords we found that we needed to add more specialties before stepping into Google and competing with other Fysio companies. In additional we made it look modern and presentable. User friendly!
First page
Footer looks now professional and with a CALL TO ACTION
What else?
We made a high conversion website, from from each page users feel trust and it is easy to make appointment.
High quality presentation on mobile
Each page has a call to action
Each page looks now clean and correct
We present our benefits better than many other Fysio in Amsterdam
With a design we let people feel that we can help
The website look now modern
After these changes we are ready to go on Google and make sure that we wont waste our Advertising Budget Money and start getting results